Group leadership supervision with IGL

05-Apr-2011 Supervision is a recognised component of leading groups.  It is IGL policy that full members must receive supervision for their group work practice.  In recognition of this, IGL is pleased to provide supervision as part of its service to members.

Supervision is an essential process in community welfare/health groups for group leaders to obtain support, guidance, mentoring, reflection and the development of new opportunities or directions in leadership and co-leadership practice.  It is also an essential element of professional practice in ensuring quality control in the standard of group work provided to clients.    

As a result of supervision, group leaders achieve greater levels of confidence, success and effectiveness in their day to day work. Supervisors will build on the group leader’s strengths and competencies and enable the development of new approaches to issues that arise in the group.

The Institute of Group Leaders provides members access to experienced group work supervision.
Supervision is provided through:

  • face-to-face sessions (length 60 minutes)
  • over the telephone or internet sessions (VIOP) (length 60 minutes)
  • group sessions (length 90-120 minutes)

Process for organising supervision

  1. To arrange supervision, contact and they will approach the selected supervisor
  2. The supervisor will contact the group leader to arrange the location for the session
  3. The supervisor will inform the IGL administrator when the session is completed and IGL will issue a Tax Invoice to the group leader.
  4. The supervisor and group leader will organise any subsequent sessions with IGL issuing the Tax Invoice.


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