Institute of Group Leaders (IGL) Code of Ethics

Group leaders agree to:
  1. keep and protect the confidentiality of group members by clearly defining what it means, why it is important and the risks and difficulties involved in its enforcement
  2. only self-disclose information about themselves that develops the purpose of the group further rather than addressing any personal need of the leader 
  3. respect and encourage the voluntary participation of group members so as to promote and not delay their independence
  4. behave professionally at all times and not become personally involved with any individual group member for the duration of the group
  5. refrain from imposing their personal agendas and values on group members
  6. only record or observe group sessions with permission of the group members and the leader’s organisation where applicable
  7. only use a special technique or intervention if sufficiently trained or experienced in its use
  8. provide information to group members about special techniques or activities in which they are expected to participate
  9. respect the aims, values and methods of organisations for which they lead groups
  10. access and participate in regular supervision as required for the type of groups they facilitate. 
Download The Institute of Group Leaders (IGL) ethical standards for group leaders as a PDF