Continuing Education

Continuing education requirement

All IGL members are required to maintain annual continuing education requirements. IGL members may be asked to provide information about the achievement of their continuing education points when they renew their membership. IGL has a continuing education requirement to maintain Full Membership status.

Associate Membership will be unaffected by this except if they wish to become a Full Member, as continuing education will then be required. Continuing education is a core part of professional practice as it ensures that learning is kept current.

  1. Principles for the continuing education requirement for reaccreditation – At least 10 credit points need to be accrued over a two year period and maybe gained through a selection of the activities below.


  1. To maintain full membership, a member needs to keep evidence that they have achieved at least 10 credit points over a two year period when they renew their membership.


  1. As part of an audit compliance process, every year, a random selection IGL Full Members (10%) will be asked to complete a review form and provide evidence that the ten points have been achieved. If members do not supply adequate evidence for acquiring 10 points of continuing education, their IGL membership category will be changed to an Associate status, unless the missing points are accrued within a given time frame.


Points are calculated as:

Continuing education opportunity


Evidence required

Attend group work training workshop

Participating in specific group work training workshops. The workshop needs to have a primary focus on group work and is considered as 2 points per 1-day workshop. (Maximum of 6 points)

Certificate of attendance

Attendance at the IGL Conference


Full attendance at the IGL Conference is considered as 6 points  (Maximum of 6 points)

Certificate of attendance

Writing a published article

Writing at least one group work article for a journal is considered as 4 points (Maximum of 4 points)

Copy of published article

Presenting a group work related workshop

Preparing and facilitating a workshop involving group work is considered as 2 points (Maximum of 2 points)

Copy of program outline and workshop flyer

Access regular group work supervision

Access supervision regularly, at least once per month, whilst conducting a group, with a recognised supervisor is considered as 2 points (Maximum of 2 points)

Completion of a short report by supervisor

Provide formal supervision for at least one group annually (e.g.3 sessions per 8 week group.) 

Providing supervision at least one session per month for one group annually is considered as 2 points (Maximum of 2 points)


Letter from employer or from person supervised


Participate on an IGL committee or Board

Active and regular participation on the IGL Board or Training Committee is considered as 6 points (Maximum of 6 points)

Completion of a short report by the Chairperson on the Training Committee or Board


Read Group Work Journal Articles

Reading group work journal articles or books are considered as 1 point per article/book. Reading TOPIGL is not included. (Maximum of 2 points)

Itemised list of group work journal articles read

Evidence from the compliance audit is assessed by the IGL administrator and Training Committee with cited documents being posted back to the member and a register kept on the IGL database.