Big Jigsaw Children's Program

Date endorsed

Contact details:
Connie Constas
Address Upper Murray Family Care
691 Young Street

Suburb Albury NSW
Postcode 2640
Phone 02 60580701
Program developer
Karen Irwin and Lil Beamish and Parenting Orders Program staff
Facilitator requirements In order for the program design to work most effectively, the facilitators need to have qualifications or training as below:
• Trained in psychology, social work, early childhood, social welfare or community services.
• Have a particular certificate in early childhood, child development or equivalent.
• Has experience working with children or group work in a community setting.
• Must have participated in a 1-day Facilitators’ Training Workshop provided by Upper Murray Family Care (UMFC).
Target group Children who meet the following criteria:
• Children who have separated or divorced parents.
• Aged between 5 to 12 years.
• Children who are attending school.
• Parental consent, interest, and support.
• Able to be verbal or communicate in various forms.
• Able to participate and interact with others in various forms.
• Siblings are accepted but not placed in the same group.
Is this program available for purchase?

The program is a children's group program that has been developed by the Parenting Orders Program to assist children whose families are going through a significant time of change and transition as a result of separation or divorce. It will encourage the children to explore and understand themselves, other people and relationships. It will provide a sense of belonging through socialising the child with other children to ensure that he/she will feel less isolated and alone. The program is made up of experiential activities, storytelling, games playing and group discussions that will provide a safe environment for the symbolic expression of feelings. It will demonstrate to the children that feelings are OK, encouraged and valued. The program caters to two (2) age groups (5‐7 year old) and (8‐12 year old) children. The program will be conducted during each school term for 6 weeks. Each session will be for a duration of 1½  hours, facilitated by two staff members who are trained and experienced in co‐facilitation Parental consent must be signed and minimum feedback is given (summary sheet) to the parents as the children have a right to confidentiality.

The objective/goals of the program are to:

  • Identify each child’s strengths.
  • Provide a safe environment to explore and express feelings.
  • Show that having feelings should be permitted, encouraged and valued.
  • Explore the variety of family roles and relationships.
  • Acknowledge the changes occurring in the child’s life and learning to adapt.
  • Provide each child with strategies to adapt to change.
  • Acknowledge the worries and concerns in their lives.
  • Encourage each child to have hope, dreams and wishes for the future.

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