ShineHOPE (Gold Endorsement)

Date endorsed

Contact details:
Nandi Gaskell
Address Hillsong CityCare
PO Box 797
Suburb Strawberry Hills NSW
Postcode 2012
Phone 02 9775 3733
Program developer
Nandi Gaskell, Renee Yam, Celina Mina, Sarah McMahon, Lydia Jade Turner, Jo White, Lesley Shields
Facilitator requirements Each program should have a High School Teacher or at least one accredited facilitator (or who is working towards accreditation) with the Institute of Group Leaders.
Target group ShineHOPE: For girls and young women from 12 - 16 years
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The program aims for each participant to develop an understanding of their personal identity, purpose and direction for their life.

The peer reviewed journal article is located at: Spry, N. & Marchant, T. (2014). How a personal development program enhances social connection and mobilises women in the community. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, Volume 54, Number 2, July; 32-53.  

  • For each girl and young woman to develop understanding of her own personal worth, strength and purpose and realise the potential within her to fulfill her dreams
  • To raise each girl and young woman’s awareness of human trafficking
  • For each girl and young woman to use her understanding of her worth, strength and purpose to protect herself from being trafficked
  • For each girl and young woman to understand how she can make a stand against human trafficking


Equip girls and young women to:

  • Understand her “priceless worth”
  • Identify the uniqueness of her design
  • Recognise the power of her story
  • Comprehend the destructiveness of human trafficking
  • Understand that good decision making is a strength to cultivate
  • Learn a decision making technique
  • Recognise how developing strength can help protect against human trafficking
  • Discover that she has potential
  • Identify some of the dreams for her future
  • Be informed of education pathways
  • Recognise that human trafficking only limits potential
These program objectives are achieved through three foundational concepts; Worth, Strength and Purpose.

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